President-Bro.Tarrence Hughes

My vision is to implement the following initiatives:

  1. Impacting the Tri-Cities: This program will charge the chairmen who are of our national programs to do one major program in the Tri-Cities area where it is truly needed.

  2. Bridging the Gap/ Sigma Mentoring: This initiative will focus on undergraduate brothers or brothers who have not been financial in several years transitioning into the alumni chapter. Where each member will is paired with a mentor, who will help that brother with his transition into an alumni chapter or back into Sigma.  The Sigma Mentoring program will help newly initiated brothers receive guidance while they are in their first two years in Sigma.

  3. Each one reaches one: This program will charge each member to recruit at least one person for membership per year for the AKS chapter.

  4. AKS is Here: This program puts the President, 1st VP, and 2nd VP in charge of a team of no more than three members.  Each team will rotate and attend events that take place in the Tri-City communities. The purpose of this program is to ensure there will always be an AKS presence at events in the community.

  5. Monthly Brotherhood Outings: The chapter will have a monthly outing reaffirming and strengthing our bond in Brotherhood within the chapter.  


1st-Vice-President-Charles Williams



My vision, as the 1st Vice President is to continue my efforts with being active in the community as well as incorporating all national initiatives in my plans. I will be an active Vice President not only delegating tasks but will work actively with all committees as I have done in the past; leading by example. Brotherhood is the first principle of our great fraternity and is a very intricate part of our chapter. With the position of Membership Chair, brotherhood outings, team bonding, and skill building will be a focal point as my tenure as 1st Vice President. Recruitment, retention, and reactivation will come from us being visible in the community, while also taking care of the brothers that are currently active and inactive in the area.  I am currently working with an older brother in the chapter to access ways to bring older brothers back into the fold while thinking of innovating ways to keep brothers active and satisfied in this chapter. With this in mind and with an active recruitment process, my vision for the chapter is to reach 70 full financial brothers by end of term.


Service. One of the fraternity’s founding principles for which we, the brothers, have an obligation to uphold at all times. As the current 1st Vice President of the Alpha Kappa Sigma chapter my vision is to ensure that we continue to impact the community we serve by hosting effective programming in the areas of our three national initiatives Bigger and Better Business, Social Action, and Education. We will model the way in all endeavors, thus becoming a household name in the Tri-Cities area. 




2nd-Vice-President-Jamal Briggs

My vision, as the 2nd Vice President will be an advocate for ALL brothers and the people of our service area. To cultivate strong events and programming tailored to the specific needs of the community, while driving revenue, establishing financial solvency to strengthen our community foundations, and bring more awareness to pertinent issues to the Tri-Cities area. To do this, I pledge to introduce new plans that will redefine fundraising on two levels, committee, and general chapter fund while constructing a comprehensive plan to reform and overhaul the budget and finance committee. Work with every committee on fundraising on a committee level and with Ways and Means on a general chapter fund level within the first 30 days. The issues before us continue to be balancing fiscal responsibility with sound judgment. Being in the office of the 2nd Vice President, I pledge to construct and introduce a separate comprehensive plan that tackles issues from event ticket distribution to accountability. I will not stop there; I also promise to extend this position into drafting ideas for our undergraduate chapters and Sigma Betas to assist them in their fundraising efforts to also establish financial stability.


I believe with all my might, that this chapter is stronger together, when we work together and going forward I plan to be a Vice President that listen to everyone. Through varies experiences in prior and current positions, I've gained an understanding of the complexities of the city in which we serve, local government challenges and the challenges Alpha Kappa Sigma faces, including its capabilities and limitations. Since initiation, I have relentlessly tackled obstacles that often seemed impossible and Never retreated, and in this position, I plan to continue that effort.

Executive Team 

 Bro. Semaj Wallace - Recording Secretary

Bro. Kelvin Parker - Corresponding Secretary

Bro. Daquan Williams - Financial Secretary

Bro. Corey king - Treasurer

Bro. Kendryck Oaks - Bigger and Better Business

Bro. Lajuane Trusty - Social Action

Bro. Rondell Robinson  - Education 

Committee Chairs

Bro. Jamal Briggs - Collegiate Affairs


Bro. Charles Williams - Membership


Bro. Steven Friend- Sigma Beta


Bro. Reginald Littleton - Ways and Means


Bro. William Carter - Sigma/Zeta/Fraternal Relations


 Bro. Dennis Townsend Jr. - Laws and Revision


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